Frequently Asked Questions


This depends upon your individual financial circumstances. At Swallowcourt we provide care to individuals who self-fund and those who are in receipt of Local Authority or Health Authority funding – please see Swallowcourt Care Home Fees & Funding Advice for more information

You can request an increase in the level of care you receive at any time, however any such request will be subject to an assessment and will incur additional costs

No, our rooms vary in price dependent upon size, layout and amenities/facilities

Unlike some providers we do not quote standardised fees based on beds or rooms. Prior to moving into a Swallowcourt Home a full person centred needs assessment will be completed by a representative of the home. This will help us to work out how much care you need to fully meet your needs. A fee is then calculated based upon your individual needs.

The fee will include the following

  • The cost of accommodation, including any room enhancement where appropriate
  • All personal and nursing care
  • All meals, drinks and snacks
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry undertaken on the premises
  • Laundering of bed linen
  • Participation in activities within the home
  • Use of shared facilities within the home

Visits are welcome at any time. You can phone or email to book ahead of a visit, or simply pop in at any time that suits you. We would however, ask for a little bit of patience if you drop in during busy times, such as meal times etc. If you would like to talk to the Home Manager, then we would suggest you call ahead in advance, to make sure they’ll be around for your visit.

The following extra items and services are not covered by the weekly fees, however we can arrange for them to be provided (at an additional cost):

  • Professional Hairdressing
  • Personal purchases such as stationery, confectionery, toiletries etc.
  • Complimentary therapies (where available)
  • Dry Cleaning or specialist cleaning
  • transport and care staff accompaniment to personal engagements

In the absence of free provision by the NHS, we can also arrange for the following healthcare services to be provided, these will be charged in addition to the weekly fees:

  • chiropody
  • optometry
  • dentistry
  • physiotherapy
  • other privately arranged healthcare
  • transport and care staff accompaniment to medical appointments

Yes, we welcome couples. You can share one bedroom and use the other as a sitting room, have a shared bedroom on its own or you can have single bedrooms. The choice is yours and dependent upon your individual care needs.

We regularly review each residents care needs and work in partnership with you, your GP, other health professionals and family members. In the event that your care needs increase we may review your assessed weekly fee to ensure we can continue to provide the level of care you require.

Our Homes

Visitors are welcome at any time during the day. Residents can see their guests in their rooms or make use of any one of our communal lounges. We also welcome family to stay for a meal and eat with their loved one and encourage family and friends to take residents out when they can.

Yes. It is important to have familiar surroundings so we encourage residents to hang photos, bring their most cherished possessions and make their room theirs. We do require all electrical items to be tested using PAT and will conduct fire risk assessments on any furniture.

We recognise this as an important aspect of the life of many and visiting ministers come into the homes to offer communion to those who wish to receive it. Your own minister is free to visit you at any time.

No. You will be required to supply your own. However if you require support to purchase your toiletries the staff will be happy to help.

Yes, these will be provided. However, you may bring your own towels and linen if preferred, although any items must be clearly labelled.

No. However a lockable (drawer)/cabinet will be provided for any personal/valuable items to be stored.

We endeavour to offer residents a choice of rooms where possible. This is dependent upon the number of rooms available at the time. Additional charges may apply to some rooms based upon size, layout and amenities.

Yes, as long as the room is available in the appropriate area of the home that can meet your needs. There may be additional charges applied.

We encourage our residents to maintain their independence and the use of mobility scooters will be assessed at the pre-admission assessment and a decision will be reached at that time on the suitability for the home to accept a scooter.

Your Care & Daily Life in our Homes

There are wet rooms with showers and bathrooms with assisted baths. If you require to sit when showering we will provide a shower chair for your comfort.

If you live within the area you may be able to remain with your current GP; if this isn’t possible, we will offer you an alternative GP.

Yes of course. We encourage you to be fully involved in your own care and you may access your care plan at any time

There are various levels of capacity which we would ascertain from assessing you. We would ensure that you are continually supported in every way to make your own choices and that your wishes are met.

Yes of course. Any such request will be logged in you care plan and we will always endeavour to ensure that care is provided to you as per your request

Yes. Your dietary requirements will be discussed before admission into the home. Any and all dietary requirements will be accommodated by our catering team throughout your stay.

Yes of course, we do encourage residents to dine communally so they can enjoy the experience and use the occasion as a social event, however we also understand that sometimes you may wish to dine alone.

Yes of course, wine is often served with meals in most homes and you can also purchase your own alcohol for your own consumption.

To comply with relevant legislation we do not allow smoking in our homes and we ask that residents and visitors smoke only in the designated areas outside of the buildings. For your own safety we ask that you bring only natural fibre clothing as these are more fire retardant properties than man made fibre.

The Manager is the best person to go to first. We can also assist you in accessing independent advice and advocacy. Our complaints procedure details the steps you should take if you are dissatisfied in any way. You can find a copy of our Complaints Procedure in each of our homes