Poldhu Net Swim

Poldhu Net Swim
Thursday 25th April 9.15am

Swallowcourt are very excited to be collaborating with Sara Tremayne Taylor and Brooks Financial Planning, on a Net Swim at Poldhu Cove followed by a warm welcome and refreshments at our Poldhu Care Home. This event is open to all so whether you have been thinking about trying sea swimming for a while or if you swim every day, you will be very welcome.

Introduction to Sara Tremayne Taylor

Sara moved back to Cornwall from London in 2020 after working within multinational financial wealth management services in the city for 13 years. A highly experienced Chartered Financial Planner, Sara helps guide her clients with decisions about their personal and business associated finances. Whether it’s to plan for retirement, find a tax-efficient way to invest or provide financial security for their family.

Sara has always loved the sea, she gig rows and swims all year round. When she returned to Cornwall and started her business she began networking. She found the larger networking groups challenging to navigate so she had the idea of combining networking with cold water swimming; Netswimming was born. Sara runs a monthly netswimming event with the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and the Pig in Harlyn, called the Pig Dippers. She felt that doing activity like swimming in a group would really break down barriers and put everyone on an equal level, making it easier to communicate. Plus it’s fun and very good for you! The event has become increasingly popular and more netswimming is being planned in other locations around Cornwall.

What will I need to bring?

You will need swimwear and a towel, wetsuit boots and gloves are advisable but not essential. Some warm clothes for after the swim to get your body back up to temperature.

Other useful information

There is a car park opposite the beach, and we encourage car sharing as much as possible. We will meet on the beach at 9.15am, aiming to get in the water around 9.30am. How far you go in is entirely up to you, there is no pressure to go further than your ankles or you can dive right in and have a swim around the stunning cove.


Hot drinks will be available free of charge at Poldhu Care Home and there will be some hot breakfast options available at a small charge. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available (please indicate in the registration form if you have any dietary requirements).


This swim is entirely at your own risk and there may not be a lifeguard on duty. Swallowcourt are not responsible for your safety during the event or for any belongings that you leave on the beach.

If you would like to join us please register using the form below: