Best Nursing & Specialist Residential Care Provider – South West England

A group of 6 homes in the heart of Cornwall, Swallowcourt is a residential care group working hard to constantly better itself and its services. With a commitment to its service users that all staff hold close, Swallowcourt has been leading from the front of its industry with recent innovations and developments.

Swallowcourt is a care home group operating with the motto of ‘taking care of people’ close to its heart. It is a people first group with its residents at the forefront of its priority list, with their care forming the core of its work and six residential nursing homes across the South West of England. These homes split into two different categories, for which there are three each; the elder care homes provide nursing care for older people with dementia, complex physical health conditions, and palliative care, and the smaller care homes offer support for those with complex learning and profound physical disabilities. Nestled amongst the rolling hills and idyllic countryside of Cornwall, Swallowcourt’s homes are found in amongst some of the most beautiful natural landscapes the county has to offer, and are each incredible well appointed and well maintained.

When it comes to its services, Swallowcourt is trying to first and foremost create a home – in the truest sense of the word. The buildings therefore benefit from thoughtful layouts, accessible rooms and comforting surroundings. Furthermore, each home is staffed by an incredible team of highly trained, dedicated, passionate individuals, all of whom embody the core mission of the care group and are deeply committed to exemplary work. They each operate closely and with open minds, listening to each service user and their families, taking on board any feedback and ensuring it is acted upon quickly and efficiently.

Today, Swallcourt’s homes house over 200 individuals at any time, and are manned by over 400 employees between the different establishments; fundamentally, its staff are the engine room of the operation. Due to this, Swallcourt is determined to take care of its staff just as much as they take care of their residents, supporting and nurturing the team so that they can extend the positivity of an outstanding working environment out towards the residents. This support network that runs through Swallcourt internally ensures that the team is provided for in terms of their mental wellbeing, in a job that can be exceedingly difficult – and Swallowcourt takes its time to thank each one for their efforts.

The success of Swallowcourt it primarily puts down to both its team and its residents in this way. As client-focused group, it is honoured to have such excellent people within its ranks and using its services, and continuously works hard to elevate its already top-of-the-line standards. It seeks to work on cultivating and maintaining a stellar reputation by constant improvement, which has resulted in a growing demand for its services, and healthy revenue streams so that it can continue supporting this work and training its staff. During its Employee Forum, a quarterly meeting of non-managerial staff representing all six homes, it sets this time aside to discuss what it is doing well and what it could do better; all going from feedback given to it by its people. The forum has been instrumental in implementing positive change.

Of course, with the advent of Covid-19, the challenges that Swallowcourt has faced over the past year have been multi-layered and difficult. By nature, it houses people who would be especially vulnerable to the virus, and so it has taken every precaution to prevent any danger to them, accelerating its expenditure and funnelling significant revenue into such solutions. It has been responding pro-actively to the changing landscape of healthcare, commencing a digital transformation within its homes that allowed the implementation of electronic care planning and electronic medication administration, working with NHS partners. These innovations have also allowed residents to keep contact with loved ones. As it moves forwards towards the future, in the coming months Swallowcourt will be continuing to grow and invest, elevating both its standards and those of the industry at large.

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