Poldhu Net Swim

Our Head of Business and Finance, Gemma Elloway, came up with the idea of collaborating with Sara Tremayne Taylor, Brooks Financial Planning, on a Net Swim at Poldhu Cove. Most of us thought she was mad, some wondered what a “Net Swim” was but liked the idea of bringing a community together to do something different and welcoming people into our Poldhu Care Home.

We planned a morning of cold water swimming with hot drinks and a breakfast roll, however what actually happened was so much more.

People tried something new, overcame their anxieties, faced adversity together and there was a heartwarming connection of people.

Arriving on a cold and slightly windy day at Poldhu, there were definitely a few questioning their choices. Some felt nervous having never done it before and some came on their own not knowing anyone else there.

As a group we walked down to the sea, some embraced the cold water quicker than others but everyone got into the water with words of encouragement and the support of being in a group.

Following our swim there was a very different mood as we walked up to Poldhu to warm up. The was a profound sense of achievement.

Whilst everyone warmed up with some hot drinks and breakfast, there was a lot of chat in the room with new connections being made as everyone had a common theme to talk about. Some of our residents were in the centre of the lively café area joining in and others chose to quietly watch from afar, enjoying seeing some different faces.

Heather and Joe came over from Porthleven and discovered that George, who lives at Poldhu, had a book about people from the local area. He delighted in showing them the book, all of them recognising people they knew of, and a wonderful bond was formed. Their gorgeous baby took it all in and many enjoyed having a young one in the home.

Following the event we received the following feedback:

“I met some lovely, interesting people, which has made my day. I, for one, am very grateful.”

“Lovely event and some great chats.”

“I was very nervous beforehand but really enjoyed the experience and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone as everyone is so friendly”.

What did we learn from this event?

Bringing people together in any form is great, overcoming a challenge as a team is special and there is so much to be shared through multi-generational connections.

We hope that there will be more of these events in the coming months and already have many ideas to bring the community into our Homes more often.

Kim Pankhurst, Managing Director, said:

“It was probably the coldest I’ve ever been at work, but the heartening scenes afterwards made it all worthwhile. Credit to the swimmers…the Poldhu staff who joined in, the Managers who came from other homes and the support services. Thanks to our lovely residents, John for the breakfast baps and to Gemma and her crazy ideas that make great things happen.”