Relatives & Visitors update

I am happy to confirm that we are approaching the next phase of the roadmap which will enable us to take a further step in opening our homes to visitors. We have worked hard to anticipate these changes and have recruited apprentices at three of our larger homes to support your visit and welcome you back.

Whilst this letter deals with the upcoming and anticipated changes starting on Monday 17th May as I write to you these are yet to be confirmed on the Government website, so please bear with us if there are any further amendments required when the guidance is published.

The upcoming changes outline the following:

That residents are allowed up to 5 nominated (regular) visitors, so again where possible we will ask the residents to identify who they would wish to visit and liaise with families.

You do not need to be vaccinated to be a nominated visitor but please ensure you do not go ahead with the visit if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Of these 5 visitors only 2 will be allowed at any given time.

All visitors will need to be tested and personal protective equipment (PPE) worn.

The PPE you will be required to wear is provided at the entrance to all our homes. We would like to remind you that you need to wear this for the duration of your visit and dispose of it in the yellow clinical waste bin as you exit:

  • A FP3 Mask – provided at the entrance
  • A plastic apron
  • Gloves

All these items are available in a socially distanced space, either in the porch or in a gazebo at the entrance to the building

You will also need to complete a test and report this result onto the government website. We will also record your visit and the outcome of the test at the home.

Therefore, we will still require a 30 minute waiting time prior to visiting unless you are able to:

  1. Take the test at home
  2. Upload the result to the Government Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing portal
  3. Present evidence (text message) dated on the day of your visit that the confirms that the result was negative.

We are also happy to discuss with you if there is a need for psychological, immediate health or well-being support for your loved becoming a nominated carer. Please contact the home manager to discuss this option if this is something you feel your relative would benefit from.

End of life visits will continue to be supported, please again contact the home manager to ensure that these visits are managed safely.

We continue to ask that visitors to our homes observe clearly displayed guidance at the entrances to all our buildings and do not attempt to access any of our homes without consent to do so. We will need to cancel all visiting if there is an outbreak identified in the care home and reserve the right to take action where breaches in protocol occur.

Outdoor visiting and ‘screened’ visits will still continue and for those who choose this option we will facilitate these so you can enjoy the company of your loved one in our garden spaces.

In further good news external day visits are now permitted and these include day centers, GPs and Dentists without the need for an isolation period on return to the home.

We will again endeavor to write to you with the upcoming changes around the 21st of June and in the meantime we wish you well, hope you have or will take up your vaccine offer and continue to support all efforts to keep all our residents safe.

It has been a personal pleasure to meet some of you again as you return for these visits and to hear our residents delight at reconnecting with those that they love, long may it continue.