Swallowcourt’s values and employee recognition

The Swallowcourt Leadership Team have recently completed a review of our company values:

Every day, in each of our homes, we notice these values being demonstrated and we want to recognise and show our appreciation to our employees. Therefore going forward we will recognise nominated employees in the weekly updates and on our social media accounts. At the end of each quarter those nominated will go into a prize draw to win a thank you bonus.

This week we would like to say a big thank you to the following employees:

Sarah Ryan for demonstrating Connectivity – “No matter what time of day, Sarah speaks to me with a smile and encouragement. She has made my job a lot easier, supported me and I have learnt along away.”

Bennath Jewell for demonstrating Resilience – “When dealing with a serious incident, Beanie did a fabulous job. Despite being shaken, she volunteered to support the individual to hospital giving very in-depth reports throughout the afternoon and evening, well past the end of her shift. Beanie was totally committed to ensuring that the individual was supported and looked after.”

Patricia Trembath for demonstrating Passion – “The high standard of care given by Trish has made such a difference to one of our residents and been highly praised by an external professional.”

If you would like to nominate a Swallowcourt Employee please email info@swallowcourt.com with the nominee’s name, place of work, value demonstrated and a few sentences explaining your nomination.

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